We have positions for researchers at different levels, including Postdoc, PhD , Master, undergraduate, and visiting student/scholar

  • Postdoc position: Candidates with background mentioned below are very welcome to inquire the position by contacting Dr. Yu directly.
  • Ph.D. position: We always welcome talented, self-motivated and hard-working PhD students to join our group. Our group accepting students from different PhD programs, such as Engineering Science and Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, etc. Please feel free to inqure Dr. Yu directly for specific, most suitable program. PhD students who are already at or will join Penn State are welcome to inquire positions directly. Perspective students or candidates with background mentioned below are very welcome to inquire potential positions. In the applications, please apply our PhD program and mention your interest in my group.
  • Master student position: Master students (from different Departments at Penn State) who are already at or will join Penn State are welcome to inquire positions.
  • Undergraduate researcher positions: My group has positions for undergraduate researchers to involve in frontier interdisciplinary research, to enhance their further graduate school applications as well as industry career preparations.
  • Visiting Students/Scholars: We are accepting visiting students and scholars with similar engineering and science background to join our group.

  • The research projects are highly interdisciplinary. Candidates with prior educational training and research experience in at least one of the following areas will be considered as priority.

  • Electronics and Electronic materials: Microelectronics, optoelectronics, solid state electronics (TFTs, detectors), sensors, device physics
  • Biomedical Engineering: Tissue engineering, electrophysiology; bio-integarted electronics; biosensors; wearable electronics; implantable devices
  • Materials and Chemistry: Organic electronics; semiconductors; inorganic electronics; polymers synthesis
  • Mechanical Engineering: Robotics, soft robotics; human-machine interfaces; advanced manufacturing
  • Solid mechanics: Mechanics of thin films and soft matters